Jenn’s self-deprecating style is not only hilarious, but unbelievably endearing. – Limestone Comedy Festival 2013

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This is me. Jenn Schaal. I’m just a girl trying to make sense of it all, one crazy situation at a time, in (currently) Minneapolis, Minnesota.

At night you will find me telling jokes on a stage while you sit in the dark and maybe consume alcoholic beverages. I won’t judge you either way. Okay, I will, but behind your back so you won’t know. I have a nice car that works and is still under warranty and I have never been arrested or had a DUI. BUT I DID HAVE MY SENIOR PICTURES TAKEN WITH MY CAT! I don’t mean to shout, I just want you to know I do have a little street cred. So, you know.

Recently, I was named one of 5 Minnesota Comics to Watch in 2015 by Patrick Strait at Growler Magazine. I will do my best to stay annoying at parties and not let this go to my head.

OH MY GOSH you guys voted me Best Local Stand Up Comic in the City Pages Readers’ Poll in 2015, 2017, and 2018, too! HEART SANDWICHES!

AND I GOT A LITTLE SHOUT OUT ON HUFFINGTON POST in Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week (week of 7/7/14)

You can read this article about me in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press: Turning Point: Jenn Schaal Wants to Keep Audience Laughing or about my business Good Bad Photoshop.com : Good Bad Photoshop Makes Silly Special.

Follow me on Twitter @jennschaal.

Contact me at jenn@jennschaal.com.

Did I mention you are really skinny and pretty? You are. Really.


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