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Support Caleb Medley

Friends –

Let me start by saying this isn’t going to be a funny post.

We all know about the tragedy that struck late last week in Aurora, Colorado. We’ve heard terrible stories of innocent lives lost, and miraculous stories of survivors. I’m hopeful you’ve heard about Caleb Medley – a budding stand-up comedian from Denver, who was in that theater with his wife – pregnant at 40 weeks.

Today, they are both in the hospital – Caleb with critical injuries including loss of an eye and brain damage, and his wife as she is induced to deliver their new baby, Hugo. Caleb was shot in the face on that fateful night. And, as a new dad with out health insurance – most comics don’t carry insurance (perk of the job!) – I’m asking you to help. Guesses land Caleb’s medical expenses at over $1,000,000. Partner that with a new baby, and, well, you see where I’m going.

To date, almost $78,000 has been donated by people from around the world to help Caleb, his wife, and new baby, Hugo. Consider helping? You can donate directly here:

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Oh, Facebook.

Dear Every Person:

Sometimes I love Facebook. Sometimes, I hate Facebook. It’s fun to read up on what everyone (some of whom I haven’t talked to for 15 years) is up to, and all mostly before I get out of bed in the morning. I must admit, thought, that it gets old pretty quickly to read posts by “friends” that are constantly tooting their own horn, though, right?! Can I get an Amen? We are all just trying to live life, and no one’s life is 100% Robin Leach’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

I mean, I get it. You want people to think that you’ve got it all figured out. That your life is the best life. But really? All you are doing is turning people off. A lot.

People, all I’m asking is for you to consider a couple of things before you post:

a) Would you say this same thing live and in person?
b) If someone else posted the same thing would you consider them “douche-y”?
c) Just be authentic. It works every time.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the peeps that take pictures of unsuspecting people only to post and rip them to shreds. There is a special place in hell for people like that.

Don't even get me started...

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