TV and Radio and Podcast that have been nice enough to have me on…

I co-host XOXOJK, a new podcast with my lovely friend, Kate O’Reilly! We consider ourselves the Real Simple Magazine of podcasts. Do us a favor and check us out over at or on iTunes – we release a new episode each Wednesday. You can join the conversation with XOXOJK on Facebook, too.



NBC Affiliate TMJ4’s Morning Blend (November):

Check me out talking about Surviving the Holidays!


NBC Affiliate TMJ4’s Morning Blend (August):


WKLH 96.5 FM Milwaukee:

Dave had me on the morning show and I finally got some credibility with my dad. Oh, and my mom surprise called in to win tickets. 


FOX Affiliate FOX6 (August):

Studio A was nice enough to have me on and make me feel weird.

Making Good Choices with Amber Carter

Amber was kind enough to have me on as a guest! 





What’s So Funny? (a podcast on the craft of comedy) with Levi Weinhagen:

What’s So Funny? With Jenn Schaal

Magnotronic Podcast:

Episode 102: I’m the first guest of Greg, Maggie and Barb. We talk about televisions in hotel bathrooms and other fun stuff.

Episode 111: I was a co-host fill in for Barb, with guest Jakey Emmert. MARIAH CAREY! SOAP OPERAS! CELEB SIGHTINGS!

Episode 112: Again, filling in as co-host for Barb. Special guest Amber Preston stops in on her way back to LA to talk NKOTB, Scandal, makeup, and cheese.

Episode 203: Jenn Schaal returns to the podcast to talk The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Duluth, and XOXO JK



This Is Yay: 

Irrational Fear: I Know Where They’re Gonna Hide You… (Ep 6)Zach Coulter , Amber PrestonAric McKeown and Jenn Schaal join Mike for a conversation about fear, both irrational and not…irrational. Other topics include African American saxophone players, clarinets, fear of heights and other stuff, like elevators.

Typical Mandolin Crisis (Ep 2)In Episode 2, guests Courtney McCleanLevi WeinhagenJenn Schaal, and Brian Beatty join Mike for a freewheeling discussion about meditation, cabins, therapists, couples swapping and much more. There’s also an amazing sketch by Mr. Joe Bozic and an audience game! Enjoy!!!!


Arts & Crass: The good times keep rolling at Arts and Crass as Jon is joined by Maggie Faris, Joleen Lunzer, and Jenn Schaal. We get (quite!) personal with each comic as they explore the truth behind the jokes. And our sterling reputation for wordplay continues when Maggie presents us with the best word of 2013. (Fun at home: can you spot the moment in this episode when Jon confuses a fairly famous mystery author with a transgendered political wonk?)



Waiting For The Pizza: Waiting For The Pizza is that podcast that helps you kill that half hour that just won’t die. 

Please Don’t Sue Us with Jenn Schaal

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